Term of Service
We using ROUTE64 services you will accept our term of service. Any violation against our ToS will cause an permanently deactivation of account and services.
  1. We can reject any request or any service at any time without any warning.
  2. We can cancel any service at any time without any warning.
  3. We can throttle your bandwidth at any time.
  4. We can nullroute your advertised prefixes at any time without any warning.
  5. Any kind of spam, ddos, attacks, scanning,.. and all activies that are not allowed within Germany. Any violations causing a cancellation without any warning.
  6. You cannot use that service if you running a business or service which is often a target of ddos attacks.
  7. We do flow spec analysing to prevent incoming or outgoing ddos attacks.
  8. Incomming ddos attacks causing a deactivation of your bgp sessions or a nullrouting.
  9. This is a free best effort service. You have no service levels or guarantees.
  10. We doing strict IRR and RPKI filtering.
  11. You have to activate your bgp sessions within 7 days after you got your configuration details.
  12. You have to ensure that bgp sessions are up. A downtime of more than 7 days causing a service deactivation.
  13. Our service is designed to deliver up to 200M throughput often more. You can extend this range with donations.
  14. We are open for donations if you would like to support or to extend our service.
  15. Using of hijacked ASNs or IP prefixes will causing a permanent ban and notification of other platforms regarding used ASN. ASN will be blacklisted forever.

You accept our ToS if you request and / or use any service with us.